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Anderson & Campbell Funeral Home

Contract Agreement

This agreement is between Bilal Mosque, 1733 Route 9, Toms River, NJ 08755 and Anderson & Campbell Funeral Home.

For obtaining funeral services for its members who so elect at a fixed rate that is reduced below rates normally charged by the Funeral Home and the rates charged by other funeral providers.

The Funeral Home therefore agrees as follows:

The Funeral Home shall provide Bilal Mosque members the following services and products for the fixed amount of $2,000.

  1. Transfer of deceased from a local place of death to the funeral home. Deaths occurring in a state other than New Jersey will incur additional expense. Deaths in New York City and Philadelphia will incur additional expense of $400.
  2. Basic arrangements: securing of necessary authorizations, coordination of service plans.
  3. Funeral director supervision at Mosque, funeral home, and cemetery.
  4. Use of preparation room for Taharah Ritual Washing.
  5. Hearse to Bilal Mosque and State Memorial Park Association, Millstone, NJ for burial
  6. Humble unfinished wood coffin

All third party charges are at actual cost paid to others; these include but are not limited to Cemetery, certified death certificates, gratuities and newspaper death notices.

Members may take advantage of prepaying funeral expenses for themselves or loved ones. When prepaid in advance, the cost of the funeral home is guaranteed never to rise. If a death occurs out of country, where our services are not needed, prefunded payments will be refunded to the beneficiary, as long as the investment has not be deemed irrevocable because of Medicaid benefits.

This agreement is not binding and may be canceled by either party at any time.

Mark Polhemus, Mgr.

703 Main Street • Toms River, NJ 08753 • 732-349-5700 • Fax 732-244-9433 •

• N.J. Lie. No. 3882


Download, Fill, Sign and Fax, Mail or deliver to Funeral Home with Your Method Of Payment.
Payment plane can be discussed in person.

If Mailed
Write it to the attention of
Mark Polhemus
Aimee Sakura

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