We at Masjid Bilal have taken upon ourselves the goal of establishing a community seeking to learn Islam and applying it in our lives hoping for Allah’s mercy and the reward of paradise.

Friday Prayers

• 1st Prayer starts 1:00 pm ends 1:15 pm.
• 2nd Prayer 1:45 pm ends 2:15 pm.

Sisters Prayer Area Open For Sisters On the Second Prayer Only.

Fajr 30 minutes After Azan
Zohr 1:15pm
Asr & Eshaa 15 minutes after Azan
Maghrib on time
Friday, 7th May, 2021
25th Ramadan, 1442
Fajr4:24 PM
Sunrise5:49 PM
Zuhr12:53 AM
Asr4:46 AM
Magrib7:58 AM
Isha9:24 AM

Masjid Bilal Ramadan program 2021/1442

After a lot of deliberation on keeping the community safe and keeping Ramadan benefit together,
We are excited to announce the following services during the month of Ramadan.

Daily Prayers :

Masjid Bilal will be open for the 5 daily prayers including Jumuah:
* Prayer Times:
• Fajr, 30 minutes after Azan.
• Zohr, 1:15 pm.
• Asr, 15 minutes after Azan.
• The Maghreb, on time.
• Isha,15 minutes after Azan.
* Friday prayer (Jumuah):
• First prayer 1:00 to 1:30 pm.
• Second prayer 1:45 to 2:15 pm.
* Taraweeh Prayer
• Taraweeh prayers will be led by Imam Ahmed Saad.
• 8 Rakahs + Wtr, will be prayed in a maximum of 30 minutes
(total time will be 45 minutes including Isha and Sunnah prayers In Shaa Allah.

Please note:

Masjid door will open 15 minutes prior to the Iqama time.
Maghrib prayer, the door will open 5 minutes prior to the Iqama time.
• limited Wudu area:
It is best to come with wudu to the Masjid to avoid long wait time.
• First come first serve:
similar to the current Jumuah Prayer setup.
Unfortunately, there will be no Iftar at the Masjid this year.
• Please break your fast before coming for Maghrib prayer as no food will be allowed in the Prayer Hall.
• Please look out for details on the Iftar / Dinner delivery or Take-out program, for an opportunity to sponsor Iftar. Iftardelivery – Masjid Bilal


  • I’tikaf will be allowed the last 10 nights In Shaa Allah With the following conditions :

* Covid 19 restrictions to be followed such as social distancing, face covering, Prayer rug are mandatory ( for more information visit our website for full list).


  • 11:30pm – 4 Raqaa Tahjod
  • 2:00am – Masjid closed until Fajr Prayer
  • Masjid will be open again 15 minutes prior to Fajr Prayer until Douha Prayer.
  • To be open again 15 minutes before Zohr Prayer In Shaa Allah .
  • No sleep over the Masjid.

We are doing our best to get the complete benefits of Ramadan, Please help us keeping you, your family and the community safe during this rough time 🙏

We receive many Zakat applications from people locally. You can take care of your Zakat obligations at our website, Donation – Masjid Bilal Donation Masjid BIlal


A short lecture and Quran recitation:
Daily after Fajr until Duhaa Prayer.
Quran memorization program:
Age 4 and up.
Monday and Thursday 5 to 6:30 pm (in person).
Quran Competition:
First level, ( under 10 years old)
• Memorize any numbers of suras.
Second level,
• Memorize 1 juze or more.
Third level,
Memorize 3 juze or more.
Forth level,
• Memorize 7 juze or more.
1. For Registration, Contact Imam Ahmed Saad.
2. Cutoff day Ramadan 15.
3. Ramadan 19 and 20 exam nights.
4. Trophies and celebration Ramadan 27 night.

COVID-19 Protocols must be followed

• MUST perform Self-Screening before visiting Masjid Bilal
(any contact or symptoms are known to be COVID-19 RELATED please refer from coming to the masjid).
• MASK MUST be worn at ALL times.
• MUST bring your own Prayer Rug/Mat.
• MUST follow Social Distancing of 6ft. at all times and DO NOT make any physical contact with congregants, including handshaking.
• Come with WUDU.
• Highly recommended to pray Sunnah prayers at home.

Be Considerate:

• If you test positive for COVID-19, please email us at support@masjidbilal.net immediately so that we can inform the participants you may have made contact with and follow COVID-19 protocol to stop the spread.
• Your privacy will be maintained.


Build the house of Allah & gain immense reward

Donate a brick in your name or a loved one today for $1. Your donation will help build the Masjid,
giving you perpetual Sadaqah reward.

The Importance of Masjid

At Masjid Bilal, we know that without personal and spiritual development, there can be no social development. The Masjid is the place where personal and spiritual development happens, also double as community center and place of learning. It is where people are united in worship, where Brothers or Sisters come for solace and support, and where children learn religious manners and read the Holy Qur’an.

Masjid is the center of any community where people can congregate for their five daily prayers and Friday congregation sermons. The Masjid serves as a place where Muslims can come together not only for prayers, but for information, education and meetings.

Faith is vital to shaping the attitudes, beliefs and practices that lay the foundation for everyday life. Faith unites people as a community, gives them strength, breeds hope, and inspires social justice as well as the perseverance to improve themselves and their lives. Within the Islamic context where the concept of Zakat obligates the fair distribution of wealth, faith is integral to development.

To Best Serve, Our Community Most of our services are free of charge, except if it's related to outsourced services.

Simulated image, the finished interior may be different.
Simulated image, the finished interior may be different


Help building this Islamic institution, to enhance and enrich the lives of the Muslim as well as our surrounding society, while pleasing Allah!

Funded with your Donations Only. Be Generous and keep the house of Allah open.

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