COVID-19 hours of operation update

Friday Prayer resuming starting Friday 12th, 2020.

We are open for the 5 daily prayers on actual Athan time. Except Fajr Prayer 30 minutes after Athan.

Friday Prayer resuming starting Friday 12th , 2020.

• 1st Prayer starts 1:15 pm ends 1:35pm.
• 2nd. 1:45 pm ends 2:05pm.

We are open for the 5 daily prayers on actual prayers time Athan, except Fajr Prayer 30 minutes after Athan.

Safety Measures for all Prayers :
1. Follow Imam directions and instructions. 
2. leave a 6ft gap between yourself and others.
3. Pray every other row.
4. Ware face mask is a must.(No tolerance).
5. bring your own praying rug.(No tolerance).
6. Water refrigerators off limit.
7. No water or food distribution or anything else such as Misk, swak, sebha etc…
8. Strongly advised that Ablution should be performed before arriving to Masjid, and limit the use of Bathrooms and wodoo (ablution) areas.
9. Children, Seniors, Immunocompromised and chronic illnesses brothers recommended to pray at home. 
10. Sisters advised to stay home Since sisters praying area is of limit until further notice.
As much as we Gladly announce this attendance ease, we strongly advise our community to keep distance and avoid shaking hands since this virus still here and not going away any time soon.
Jzakom Allah khyrn for the anticipated help applying this safety measures.

Masjid Bilal Toms River

We at Masjid Bilal have taken upon ourselves the goal of establishing a community seeking to learn Islam and applying it in our lives hoping for Allah’s mercy and the reward of paradise.

Fajr Prayer 30 Minutes After Athan.

All Other Prayers 10 Minuets After Athan.

July 9, 2020

19 Dhū al-Qa'da 1441

Prayer Begins
Fajr4:02 AM
Sunrise5:36 AM
Zuhr1:02 PM
Asr5:00 PM
Maghrib8:28 PM
Isha10:03 PM
Jumuah To Be Announced

To Best Serve, Our Community Most of our services are free of charge, except if it's related to outsourced services.

Simulated image, the finished interior may be different.
Simulated image, the finished interior may be different


Help building this Islamic institution, to enhance and enrich the lives of the Muslim as well as our surrounding society, while pleasing Allah!

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